We are a responsible company committed to help tackle the challenges facing society. This is why we aim for sustainable development in all areas.



We make sure that working with us is motivating and secure so that our employees can grow professionally in an equal opportunities workplace.


We are concerned with the needs of our community, providing sponsorships and donating products to the Food Bank, the Red Cross, and other entities. We also provide employment opportunities for groups at risk of exclusion.

The Environment

Our integrated service model enables us to reduce CO2 emissions by transporting all the products in the same vehicle and making just one journey. We work with the maximum respect for the environment and we implement social awareness actions to do with zero food waste and the use of reusable and recyclable materials.

Human Rights

We are committed to applying fundamental human rights in our activities and we only work with suppliers and collaborators who also apply good practices.

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About us

We provide integrated, professional raw material supply and business management services aimed at professionals in the restaurant and catering sector, providing solutions for their needs.

The goal of Central Borne is to meet the needs of the market, thanks to a highly committed team of professionals.