Our supply solution combines a food and non-food supply service with technical consultancy.

One supplier, one order, one delivery slip, one invoice.


More than


product items

We supply fresh, dry, refrigerated and frozen foods and non-food products to prepare your establishment’s daily menus and the cleaning and hygiene plan.

We have a portfolio of more than 900 manufacturersand suppliers.

Supply at 3 temperatures

24-hour transport service

National coverage

Always in time

We have our own fleet of lorries with GPS and temperature control systems, allowing us to monitor their entire route in real time and guarantee the traceability and safety of the goods. We are registered with the Register of Food Industries and Products of Catalonia (RSIPAC) and we always offer the highest health and hygiene guarantees.


In addition to consultancy about our culinary product offering, we also provide specialized services in diet and nutrition, and food quality and safety.

Everything included free with the purchase of products
from Central Borne.

  • Compilation and design of summer and winter menu schedules with all the
    nutritional information and certificates.
  • Follow up and evaluation of the menu schedule.
  • Nutritional assessment of the daily menus.
  • Design of menu schedules adapted to different pathologies.
  • Presentation of new products (organic, gluten free, etc).
  • Ongoing auditing, follow-up and consultancy.
  • Consultancy about current regulations.
  • Training (interpreting the technical specifications, costs and cost breakdowns, hygiene plan to
    prevent contamination in the kitchen, etc.).

“Our objective is to look for tailored solutions so that our clients can provide the best possible food service which also complies with public administration requirements.“


Storage facilities

  • 8,700 m2 of constructed surface area
  • 50,000 m3 storage facility for frozen products
  • 4,200 m2 refrigerated area
  • 6,500 area for pallets
  • 24 temperature controlled frozen loading docks
  • 5,000 different items in permanent stock